Aedex open air

Ready-to-use aerosol insecticide for domestic, civil and professional use.

AEDEX OPEN AIR is a ready-to-use insecticide that eliminates all mosquitoes present in the treated area in 10 minutes. Immediate action is guaranteed by Tetramethrin, a pyrethroid with a strong killing action and by Transfluthrin, a latest generation pyrethroid substance capable of evaporating slowly at room temperature. AEDEX OPEN AIR is also effective in heavily infested areas and works both during the day and at nightfall and is effective against common mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, flies and bedbugs that are found in internal domestic areas, perimeter of the house (windowsills, windows, doors) and external areas (porches, patios, verandas, terraces, gazebos, parts of gardens and hedges). Under the suggested conditions it is not phytotoxic.

Transfluthrin (Cas No 118712-89-3) 0,10 g
Tetramethrin (Cas No 7696-12-0) 0,20 g
Piperonyl butoxide (Cas No 51-03-6) 0,30 g
Water, co-formulants and propellants q.s. to 100 g

Outside: Shake the bottle. Spray evenly on the perimeter surface of the area you want to defend against mosquitoes at a rate of 6 seconds per linear meter and at a height of about one meter / one and a half meters. If the area to be protected borders with one or more walls (as in the case of balconies, terraces and verandas), also treat vertical surfaces, including hedges, bushes and pots (only for mosquitoes), from a distance of at least 40- 50 centimetres. Wait a few minutes before attending the treated areas.
Inside: Shake the can and spray evenly in the ambient air, upwards, for a few seconds. Air the room before staying there again.

500 ml 12 pieces

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