Draker gold

Broad-spectrum concentrated microencapsulated insecticide.

DRAKER GOLD ia s broad-spectrum and long-lasting concentrated microencapsulated insecticide. The innovative formulation of DRAKER GOLD allows only the use of water as a solvent. The formula contains Tetramethrin, which produces a very effective killing action, and Cypermethrin, which is responsible for the residual effect, further boosted by the microencapsulation. The microcapsules actually have the effect of protecting the active ingredients and releasing them slowly. The product contains piperonyl butoxide, an active ingredient useful for enhancing the efficacy of tetramethrin and cypermethrine and reducing its resistance. DRAKER GOLD kills insects that are present at the time of treatment and prevents future infestations from developing for at least 3 weeks. It is also effective against cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes and flies.

Cypermethrin (CAS N 52315-07-8) 5 g
Tetramethrin (CAS N 7696-12-0) 1 g
Piperonyl butoxide (CAS N 51-03-6) 5 g
Formulants sufficient quantity for 100 g

Apply the insecticide solution paying particular attention to the areas around the place perimeter, skirting boards, corners and cracks, the back of furniture, kitchens, ovens, fridges, anywhere waste is kept, toilets and wherever insects are likely to be nesting or pass through. For flying insects, treat surfaces where they tend to set down perimeter walls, contours of windows and eaves, hedges around dwellings.

100 ml + box 24 pieces
250 ml 24 pieces
300 ml 12 pieces
500 ml 24 pieces
1 litre 12 pieces

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