Draker one

Microencapsuleted insecticide with residual action.

DRAKER ONE is a microencapsulated insecticide concentrate broad spectrum. The micro encapsulation provides a physical separation of the active substance from the solvent (which in this case is water), thus ensuring the stability of the produced either in concentrated or diluted form. It is effective until 4 weeks after treatment against: mosquitoes, wasps, flies, cockroaches and ants. Contains Cypermethrin, an active substance that acts both by contact and by ingestion and that guarantees both an excellent killing and residual action.

Cypermethrin (CAS No. 52315-07-8) 10 g
Co-formulants q.s. to 100 g

It can be used inside and outside homes, warehouses, schools, hospitals, cinemas, shops, barracks, industries food, mills, feed mills (in the absence of food), hotels, restaurants, canteens, tourist and seaside resorts, campsites, means of transport, stables, farms, milking parlors, fertilizers, landfills and waste deposits, hedges, lawns, ornamental plants and bushes.

The product must be diluted in water before use. The physicochemical characteristics of the formulation make it possible to use with manual and motor pumps, including ULV nebulizers (indoor only).
Use with ULV equipment (ultra low volume): dilute 50 ml in 1 liter of water and use the solution to treat 2,500 m3 or 1,000 m2 of surface.

15 ml display box 100 pieces
50 ml display box 25 pieces
100 ml + box 24 pieces
250 ml 24 pieces
300 ml 12 pieces
500 ml 24 pieces
1 litre 12 pieces

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