Duracid extreme

Killing and residual insecticide in concentrated emulsion.

DURACID EXTREME is a broad spectrum concentrated insecticide. It is suitable for the control of flying insects, crawling insects and pests of foodstuffs that commonly infest civil, domestic, industrial environments and green areas. It is effective for the treatment of: common mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes, wasps, flies, cockroaches, ants, chicken mites (Dermanyssus gallinae). It contains three active ingredients with synergistic activity: Prallethrin gives the product the knockdown activity, Cypermethrin is responsible for the killing effect and Piperonyl butoxide assists their action, blocking the detoxification mechanism of insects.

Cypermethrin (CAS No. 52315-07-8) 10 g
Prallethrin (CAS No. 23031-36-9) 0.4 g
Piperonyl butoxide (CAS No 51-03-6) 15 g
Coformulants q.s. to 100 g

DURACID EXTREME can be used inside and outside homes, warehouses, schools, hospitals, cinemas, shops, barracks, food industries, mills, feed mills (in the absence of foodstuffs), hotels, restaurants, canteens, tourist and seaside resorts, campsites, means of transport, stables, farms, milking parlors, fertilizers, landfills and waste deposits. For hedges, lawns, ornamental plants and bushes, the use of the product is only for the treatment of mosquitoes.

100 ml + box 24 pieces
500 ml 24 pieces
1 litre 12 pieces

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