Duracid fumogeno

Broad spectrum fumigant insecticide.

DURACID FUMOGENO is fumigant insecticide ideal for get pest control in places where traditional spraying treatments are difficult to do implement. The formulation consists of a special blend that it burns slowly, without flame, producing a thick smoke white consisting of very fine particles of active ingredient. The smoke performs a double action: it quickly breaks down the flying insects and reaches the interstices where the crawling insects usually they hide, flushing out and knocking them down quickly. It is effective for the control of crawling insects and steering wheels. Suitable against flies, mosquitoes, wasps, moths, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants and typical insects warehouses such as Oryzaephilus surinamensis and Sitophilus granarius.

Permethrin (CAS No 52645-53-1) 13,25 g
Coformulants q.s. to 100 g

DURACID FUMOGENO is effective against all types of insects that commonly infest domestic, civil, industrial and livestock such as: homes, attics, industries food (in the absence of food or feed), milking parlor, warehouses, schools, hospitals, cinemas, public transport, shops, barracks, hotels, restaurants, canteens (in the absence of food), tourist centers, seaside resorts, rural environments, stables, animal shelters, farms.

3,5 g 20 pieces
11 g 20 pieces
27 g 12 pieces
100 g 4 pieces

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