Duracid PW

Phyrethroid insecticide in powder from ready to use.

DURACID PW is a powder insecticide efficient against ants, beetles, bugs, gnats, red mites (Dermanyssus gallinae), fleas, dust mites, lepisma (silverfish), woodlouse and flies. The product features high eliminating power and residual effect that protects environments from new infestation.

Cypermethrin (CAS n° 52315-07-8) 0,6 g
Denatonium benzoate 0,001 g
Co-formulants 100 g

DURACID PW is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use to treat homes (kitchens, cellars, windowsills, walkways, etc.) and gardens, perimeter areas of buildings, from ant nests visible on lawns or under vegetation, areas adjacent to the home or civil environments to create a protective barrier. It can also be used in communities such as rest homes, hospitals, canteens, schools, barracks, campsites, warehouses, restaurants, etc., In shelters of animals (kennels, stables, poultry houses, sheepfold, pigsty, etc.), in waste deposits, dumps, etc., on means of transport such as railway carriages and buses.

DURACID PW is used as-is, distributing the product directly over the surfaces to be treated. Use the specific dispenser to blow the powder into holes or fissures where the presents of pests is suspected such as bugs, ants or other. The product can also be used near electrical sockets or areas near electrical systems where water would be dangerous. To increase the efficiency in treating ant nests, after having spread the powder over the nest, water to cause the powder to flow into the nest.

Envelope 200 g 50 pieces
Envelope 100 g 28 pieces
Bottle 200 g 24 pieces
Spreader bottle 500 g 12 pieces
Envelope 1 kg 12 pieces

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