Freezing spray without insecticides: freezes instantly bugs, spiders and other insects.

FREEZBUG is a spray that instantly freezes up at -45 ° C all insects such as green bugs and Asian bugs, bed bugs, spiders, scorpions, beetles, millipedes, minnows silver, wasps, ants and other crawling and flying insects. The frozen insects can be safely removed.

FREEZBUG is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor environments (such as rooms, kitchens, lounges and gardens) if you do not want to use insecticides. Direct the jet towards the target from a distance about 20 cm by dispensing the product for 4-5 seconds. Dosing the jet so as not to violently move the insect. The effect is immediate. For greater effectiveness on flying insects wait for them to lean on a surface before spraying.

300 ml 12 pieces

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