Mirmex GR

Granular insecticide bait against ants

MIRMEX GR is an insecticide bait designed specifically to control ants. The micro-encapsulation of the active ingredient successfully increases the product efficacy: after having ingested the bait, the ant does not die immediately and has time to return to the colony. The sharing of the bait amongst the various members of the colony helps disseminate the insecticide, giving rise to a chain effect that will destroy the nest entirely.

Cypermethrin (N. CAS 52315-07-8) 0,6 g
Denatonium benzoate 0,001 g
Food attractants and co-formulants as req. to 100 g

MIRMEX GR is recommended for indoor and outdoor treatments in rural, zoo-technical (milking halls, stalls, animal shelters, farms and manure heaps), civil (schools, hospitals, cinemas, shops, barracks, hotels, restaurants and canteens) and industrial (such as food industries) environments.

envelope 100 g 50 pieces
envelope 150 g 50 pieces
envelope 200 g 48 pieces
envelope 500 g 24 pieces
envelope 1 kg 12 pieces
spreader 50 g 48 pieces
spreader 100 g 48 pieces
spreader 150 g 48 pieces
spreader 200 g 48 pieces
spreader 300 g 24 pieces
spreader 500 g 24 pieces
spreader 750 g 12 pieces

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