Vebicolla trap vestiti

Clothes moths sticky trap.

VEBICOLLA TRAP VESTITI is ideal for monitoring and catching fabric moths and to protect clothes, skins, clothing, quilts, carpets, etc. The trap acts on moths such as Tineola bisselliella and Tinea pellionella. The trap it can be placed directly inside the cabinets. It can be placed flat or hung thanks to the double-sided adhesive positioned on the back. VEBICOLLA TRAP VESTITI does not contain insecticide, it is odorless, does not drip, does not dirty and is effective until at three months.

Open the bag, take out the trap and place it. If you want to hang it, remove the protection from the double-sided tape. We recommend the use of a trap in each compartment with clothing: replace it every three months or when full of insects.

2 sticky traps 12 pieces

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