X-Fly trap mosche

Attractive: food-based formulation without poison.

X-FLY TRAP MOSCHE is a professional plastic trap, disposable and eco-friendly. Thanks to its large size it allows the capture without poison of up to 40,000 flies. The trap is easy to apply and has a biological bait, which makes it highly attractive for flies.

Since flies are vectors of pathogens, you must keep the trap away from children and pets.

  1. Cutting the bag on the dashed line.
  2. Lift up the cap to open the trap.
  3. Add warm water up to the level sign.
  4. Hag up the trap approximately 1,5 meters above the ground.
  5. The trap is designed for outdoors use, minimum 15 meters far from the buildings.
  6. Place the trap in the spots of files development and where their presence is higher.
  7. Place under the sun (or in the shadow if temperature is higher than 28°C).
  8. Avoid windy areas outdoor and not ventilated indoor places.
  9. The trap starts to be active in few hours.
  10. Add more water when the level is decreasing.
  11. When the trap is full, close the cap and remove.
1 units + biological attractant 12 pieces

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