Duracid extreme

CHARACTERISTICS DURACID EXTREME is a broad spectrum concentrated insecticide. It is suitable for the control of flying insects, crawling insects and pests of foodstuffs that commonly infest civil, domestic, industrial environments and green areas. It is effective for the treatment of: common mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes, wasps, flies, cockroaches, ants, chicken mites (Dermanyssus gallinae). It […]

Draker gold

CHARACTERISTICS DRAKER GOLD ia s broad-spectrum and long-lasting concentrated microencapsulated insecticide. The innovative formulation of DRAKER GOLD allows only the use of water as a solvent. The formula contains Tetramethrin, which produces a very effective killing action, and Cypermethrin, which is responsible for the residual effect, further boosted by the microencapsulation. The microcapsules actually have […]

Duracid fumogeno

CHARACTERISTICS DURACID FUMOGENO is fumigant insecticide ideal for get pest control in places where traditional spraying treatments are difficult to do implement. The formulation consists of a special blend that it burns slowly, without flame, producing a thick smoke white consisting of very fine particles of active ingredient. The smoke performs a double action: it […]

Mirmex GR

CHARACTERISTICS MIRMEX GR is an insecticide bait designed specifically to control ants. The micro-encapsulation of the active ingredient successfully increases the product efficacy: after having ingested the bait, the ant does not die immediately and has time to return to the colony. The sharing of the bait amongst the various members of the colony helps […]

Duracid RTU

Duracid RTU

CHARACTERISTICS DURACID RTU is a ready-to-use broad spectrum liquid insecticide/acaricide. The product is pleasantly aromatised with eucalyptus oil. It is effective against flying insects (like mosquitoes, tropical mosquitoes, flies and wasps), crawling insects (cockroaches and ants)and fleas, ticks and mites. DURACID RTU eliminates insects present at the time of treatment and prevents further infestations for […]

Draker one

CHARACTERISTICS DRAKER ONE is a microencapsulated insecticide concentrate broad spectrum. The micro encapsulation provides a physical separation of the active substance from the solvent (which in this case is water), thus ensuring the stability of the produced either in concentrated or diluted form. It is effective until 4 weeks after treatment against: mosquitoes, wasps, flies, […]

Duracid combi

CHARACTERISTICS DURACID COMBI is an insecticides with insecticide with a double standard of action: the high efficacy of free Tetramethrin and the immediate and prolonged residual action of Permethrin, which guarantee an environment free from insects for at least 2 weeks after treatment. Both active substances are synergized with a high quantity of Piperonyl butoxide, […]

Duracid 10

CHARACTERISTICS DURACID 10 is a concentrated and a broad spectrum insecticide with immediate, residual, knock-down and de-nesting effect. The particular formulation, set up by our laboratory, contains solvents with less environmental impact and less danger, thanks to the absence of the classic organic solvents. It does not irritate and does not damage plants. The product […]

Draker 10.2

CHARACTERISTIC Draker 10.2 is a long-lasting, broad -spectrum waterbased concentrated microencapsulated insecticides. It does not contain aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated solvents (test it before use on delicate surfaces). Draker 10.2 kills insects that are present at the time of treatment and prevents future infestations from developing for at least 2 weeks. The product is effective […]