Vai via piccioni

CHARACTERISTIC Vai via piccioni is a disaccustomed spray recommended toward off pigeons and flying animals in general. It is gas- free spray repellent easy to use, Vai via piccioni, thanks to the natural essences, creates an unpleasant olfactory barrier to pigeons and flying animals (e.g. bats), Its effect is prolonged and truly effective.

Vai via talpe

CHARACTERISTIC Vai via talpe is a natural repellent in granules that is easy to apply to repel moles and voles from flower and vegetable gardens for about 2 weeks.

Vai via rettili

CHARACTERISTIC Vai via rettili is an aromatic barrier active towards snakes, viper, gecko and other reptiles in external areas. Harmless for people, plants and animals.

Vai via cani e gatti

CHARACTERISTIC Vai via cani e gatti is a long-lasting hygienic trainer ready to the use. The product changes, in just short time, the bad habits of cats and dogs, such as their fouling or urinating to mark out territory. Vai via cani e gatti thanks to the particular natural essences, creates an olfactory barrier unpleasant […]