Lagoon kids spray

Lagoon kids spray

CHARACTERISTIC Lagoon kids spray is a human use repellent and odorless, it is indicated for children from 3 years. It protects the skin without getting it, from the mosquito bites of various species, including mosquitoes Tiger (Aedes albopictus) and Common mosquito (Culex spp.) both in daytime and nighttime hours, for about six hours from treatment. […]

Lagoon protection

CHARACTERISTIC Lagoon protection is a human use repellent in spray formulation against mosquitos, for extreme situations. Its formulation is based on two active ingredients: Diethyltoluamide (or DEET) and Geraniol. The product takes advantage of our microencapsulation technology, which allows DEET to be released gradually. This prolongs the effect of Lagoon Protection up to 6 hours […]

Lagoon natural dopo puntura

CHARACTERISTIC Lagoon natural dopo puntura is effective against mosquitoes, sand flies and jellyfish. In its practical pen-shaped easy to use, it gives quick relief to itching thanks to its new formula based on natural extracts. It is free from ammonia.