Murin box ratti

CHARACTERISTIC Bait station with key for indoor and outdoor. it is provided with a special fitting to be fastened to the wall.

Murin box topi

CHARACTERISTIC A robust and plastic bait station, it is adapt for any type of bait. It is specific for mice.

Stazione tunnel

CHARACTERISTIC It is a bait station very safety because it is accessible only for mice and rats. The system with anti-intrusion key, makes it a safe rodent trapping system even in the presence of children, pets and wild animals. Stazione tunnel respects the enviroments because it prevent the bait dispersion (in accordance of HACCP). It […]

Stazione tubo

CHARACTERISTIC Stazione Tubo is a bait dispenser with a vertical structure in a shape of an inverted “T” tube. It’s equipped with a locking device for the bais in paraffined blocks and cap with safety closure for booth indoor and outdoor and anywhere space is limited. You can use in the presence of children and […]

Spectrap ratti

CHARACTERISTIC A plastic bait station for indoor and outdoor for rats.

Spectrap topi

CHARACTERISTIC A robust and plastic bait station for mice.