Kapta colla

Kapta colla

CHARACTERISTIC Dense very sticky glue. Non-toxic, oudour-free, colourless, non-flammable. It maintains its sticky properties over time, even if exposad to bad weather.  

Vebicolla trap topi e insetti

CHARACTERISTIC The unique construction and shape of the trap makes it particularly discreet in terms of visibility and protects the glue from dust. The plasticized carton protects from humidity.


CHARACTERISTIC Vebicolla is a dense and sticky glue. It is non-toxic, nonflammable, odourless, colourless glue. It is easy to use. Vebicolla is effective though weathered; it allows the capture in a short time. Vebicolla should be spread on rigid and non-absorbent surfaces (such as cardboard, wood, etc.) and positioned along the usual paths of mice […]

Vebicolla trap

CARATTERISTICHE Ready for use. Easy and practical to use. Quick catching. Does not dry out. Does not drip. Catches at low temperatures. Vebicolla trap is available in two different mould.

Cheese bait

CHARACTERISTIC Irresistible attractiveness bait for snap (Velox trap mice and rats) and glue traps. Cheese bait cream is an extremely tasty and appetzing food lure for all types of rodents, characterized by a mix irresistible odours. It is safe product, does not contain poisons and, for this reason, it is the ideal product for indoor […]