Nutriente totale

CHARACTERISTIC NUTRIENTE TOTALE contains all the fundamental nutritional elements for green and flowering plants, vegetable and fruit plants. Completely soluble in water, the product is excellent under all conditions for leaf treatments and fertirrigation treatments. NUTRIENTE TOTALE contains macro and microelements in the highest possible concentration and in a perfectly balanced ratio for excellent leaf […]

Plenia NK 12-42

CHARACTERISTIC PLENIA NK 12-42 is a fertiliser based on magnesium potassium nitrate, ideal for preventing and treating nutritional plant diseases in all fruits, vegetables, yards and flowers. The product was designed to provide balanced nutrients essential for increased quantity and quality. The synergy between nitric nitrogen and potassium – contained in an optimal ratio – […]

Plenia orti e giardini

CHARACTERISTIC PLENIA ORTI E GIARDINI is a complex mineral fertiliser in granules. The product provides nutritive elements that make it particularly suitable for stimulating rich flower growth, promoting the colouring and sugary content of fruit. PLENIA ORTI E GIARDINI is ideal for fruits and vegetables, vineyards, flowers and nurseries.