Draker One

CHARACTERISTIC Draker one is a long-lasting, broad-spectrum water-based concentrated microencapsulated insecticide. It does not contain aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated solvents (test it before use on delicate surfaces). Draker one kills insects that are present at the time of treatment and prevents future infestations from developing for at least 4 weeks. The product is effective against […]

Duracid 10

CHARACTERISTIC Duracid 10 is a concentrated and a broad spectrum insecticide with immediate, residual, knock-down and denesting effect. The particular formulation, set up by our laboratory, contains solvents with less environmental impact and less danger, thanks to the absence of the classic organic solvents. Doses of use it does not irritated and does not darmaged […]

Duracid vespe e calabroni

CHARACTERISTIC Duracid vespe e calabroni is an aerosol insecticide to control and eliminate flying insects and in particular wasps. Given its components, the product has a dual action: destructive and residual. It has a special dispenser to easily hit the target. Duracid vespe e calabroni has a special long range nozzle (up to 4 meters) […]

Draker Green

CHARACTERISTIC Draker green is a broad-spectrum and long lasting concentrated microencapsuleted insecticides. The innovative formulation of Draker green allows only theuse of water as a solvent. The formula contains Tetramethrin, which produces a very effective killing action, and Cypermethrin, which is responsible for the residual effect, further boosted by the microencapsulatio. The microencapsules actually havethe […]