CHARACTERISTICS FREEZBUG is a spray that instantly freezes up at -45 ° C all insects such as green bugs and Asian bugs, bed bugs, spiders, scorpions, beetles, millipedes, minnows silver, wasps, ants and other crawling and flying insects. The frozen insects can be safely removed. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE FREEZBUG is suitable for use in indoor […]

Draker one

CHARACTERISTICS DRAKER ONE is a microencapsulated insecticide concentrate broad spectrum. The micro encapsulation provides a physical separation of the active substance from the solvent (which in this case is water), thus ensuring the stability of the produced either in concentrated or diluted form. It is effective until 4 weeks after treatment against: mosquitoes, wasps, flies, […]

Duracid 10

CHARACTERISTICS DURACID 10 is a concentrated and a broad spectrum insecticide with immediate, residual, knock-down and de-nesting effect. The particular formulation, set up by our laboratory, contains solvents with less environmental impact and less danger, thanks to the absence of the classic organic solvents. It does not irritate and does not damage plants. The product […]