Biocontact CS

Concentrated microencapsulated insecticide based on natural Pyrethrum. Effective against a broad spectrum of insects.

BIOCONTACT CS is a concentrated microencapsulated insecticide with a broad spectrum of action. Micro-encapsulation involves a physical separation of the active ingredient from the solvent (which in this case is water), thus ensuring the stability of the product in both concentrated and diluted form. Contains Pyrethrum, an active ingredient of natural origin that is obtained from the flowers of a plant of the Asteraceae family, the Tanacetum cinerariifolium, able to act both by contact and by ingestion. The microcapsules containing Pyrethrum are made with materials of vegetable origin and free from microplastics. The physical characteristics of the formulation make Biocontact CS the ideal insecticide for the defense of domestic, civil and industrial environments
from harmful insects.

Pure Pyrethrins (CAS 89997-63-7) 2%
Coformulants q.s. to 100 g

BIOCONTACT CS is effective up to one week after treatment against common mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes. It is suitable for the control of mosquitoes, crawling insects, pests of foodstuffs, fleas and ticks that commonly infest civil, domestic, industrial, livestock and green areas. Dilute in water before use. For use in green areas, treat in the coolest hours of the day.

1 litre 6 pieces

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