CHARACTERISTICS FREEZBUG is a spray that instantly freezes up at -45 ° C all insects such as green bugs and Asian bugs, bed bugs, spiders, scorpions, beetles, millipedes, minnows silver, wasps, ants and other crawling and flying insects. The frozen insects can be safely removed. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE FREEZBUG is suitable for use in indoor […]

Duracid combi

CHARACTERISTICS DURACID COMBI is an insecticides with insecticide with a double standard of action: the high efficacy of free Tetramethrin and the immediate and prolonged residual action of Permethrin, which guarantee an environment free from insects for at least 2 weeks after treatment. Both active substances are synergized with a high quantity of Piperonyl butoxide, […]

Draker 10.2

CHARACTERISTIC Draker 10.2 is a long-lasting, broad -spectrum waterbased concentrated microencapsulated insecticides. It does not contain aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated solvents (test it before use on delicate surfaces). Draker 10.2 kills insects that are present at the time of treatment and prevents future infestations from developing for at least 2 weeks. The product is effective […]

Duracid PW

CHARACTERISTICS DURACID PW is a powder insecticide efficient against ants, beetles, bugs, gnats, red mites (Dermanyssus gallinae), fleas, dust mites, lepisma (silverfish), woodlouse and flies. The product features high eliminating power and residual effect that protects environments from new infestation. COMPOSITION Cypermethrin (CAS n° 52315-07-8) 0,6 g Denatonium benzoate 0,001 g Co-formulants 100 g AREAS […]

Duracid spray (crawling insects)

CHARACTERISTICS DURACID SPRAY (crawling insects) is an aerosol insecticide to control and eliminate a wide range of flying and crawling insects: bugs, ants and cockroaches. Spray the product into the air and onto the surfaces in the area being treated, guarantee protection from target insects for several hours. DURACID SPRAY (crawling insects) has powerful knock- […]

Draker RTU

CHARACTERISTICS DRAKER RTU is a long-lasting, broad-spectrum ready to-use microencapsulated liquid insecticide/acaricide. It is effective in controlling of flying insect and other crawling insects. DRAKER RTU kills insects that are present at the time of treatment and prevents future infestations from developing for 2-3 weeks. Powerful knock- down, high-repellency effect and great residuality. COMPOSITION Cypermethrin […]